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The Second-round of China-Norway Free Trade Agreement was held in Beijng

    China-Norway Free Trade Agreement in second round of talks was held in Beijing. Dec. 3to 4, Norway in the second round of FTA negociations was held in Beijing. Minister of Commerce Yi Xiaozhun, vice minister of Norway, met with delegation. The Two delegations on goods, Servces, investment and other issues in-depth exchange of views on ruls of origin, SPS/TBT, trade remndies, Trade facilitaion, intellectual property issues, such as a Consultaions, negociation have made positive progress.
   Norway is the fourth largest trade partner of China in Northern Europe, also a major supplier of importing fertilizers, aquatic products and of oil. In recent years, China and Norway continue to deepen the relationship of two countries in trade, investment and technology in the areas of mutually benefucial cooperation and exchanges. In January 2008 to October, Sino-Norweigian bilateral trade amounted to 3,924,000,000 U.S. dollars,up 24.2 percent. China export of which 2,154,000,000 U.S dollars, up 18.29 percent; 1,770,000,000 U.S. dollars in import, up 32.2 percent. As of this year by the end of October, Norway¨s investment in China more than 300,000,000 U. S dollars , involving the use of energy efficiency and offshore il exploration, fisheries, shipbuilding and environmental protection. In addition, China and Norway in the electronics, machinery, agriculture and environmental protection field has become increasingly close.
author:China Daily      Published at: 2008-12-19 11:13:01
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