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UIEA as the sponsorship for the 10th Globe Miss tourism Final in Hangzhou

the swimsuit shows



Photo of the championship



the runner -up Xu Xiaoxia hug with the champion



  the most intelligent Miss Du Juan

   "Global Miss Tourism" International Competition is based on the theme of tourism, beauty, fashion, harmony. In December 30, 2008, The 10th "Nepal Rover Cup" International Competition Miss Tourism World finals was held in Hangzhou Theater. Also invited the former deputy director of Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Province, vice president of Zhejiang Tourist Association Mr. Zhu Bingsong and other leaders  and Taiwan popular singer Kao Sheng-mei to attend the awards show.
   This event was mainly organizied by the Chinese nation cultural exchange Committee, China Association of Local Arts Performing Arts Professional Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Tourist Association, the Hangzhou Youth Federation, the blue sky International Cultural Industry Group; Nepal Rover International Garment Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Nawen Garments Co., Ltd., jointly organized; Hangzhou Culture and Arts Co., Ltd, the new king of International Investment Holdings (Hong Kong), Shenzhen Lantianbihai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The Special support units are UIEA Culture and Arts commission and Hangzhou zhonganhuana holiday inn. After the exciting competition of 20 intense beauty from the country in the game, XU Yaoyu from Zhejiang Art Institute won the championship, Xu Xiaoxia from Tianjin Polytechnic University College of the Arts of clothing was runner-up, Li Ying from Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry was second runner-up. At the same time have the best talent Gold: Pan Qing, the best talent Silver Fang Xiumei, the best popular Miss Li Ying, the best skin Miss Chen Yinghong, the most photographed Miss Ren Yi-Fei, the best vitality Miss Lin Zi, best swimsuit Miss Chu Shaojuan, the most intelligent Miss Du Juan, best smile Miss Zhong Ning-Ning and nine individual awards, the friendship Miss Cheng Xunhong and the title of Goodwill Miss Sun Yixuan.
   Mr. Zhu Bingsong made a speech and he¨s on behalf of the Organizing Committee express the heartfelt thanks  to all  leaders, the judges, guests¨ coming.
author:UIEA      Published at: 2009-1-13 16:19:50
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