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UIEA Participated In ˇ°Rotterdam,the world port,the world cityˇ±,


With the invitaion of the meeting ˇ°Rotterdam,the world port,the world cityˇ±, UIEA participated in this meeting on April 20th 2009 in Beijing International Hotel. The meeting has introduced the projects on the aspects of economy, polities and environment,and the discussion with the enterprises, they are investment and trading, marketing, ECCR projects.

Rotterdam is the largest industrial city of the Netherlands and is the world largest port. As the major hubs for air, surface and sea transport, Rotterdam adwards a beautiful name ˇ°The Door of Euroˇ±. Good Geographic Environment, fine public facilities are the conditions that people can go anywhere of european from this international city. Many big famous Company has some branches set up here, too.

In the meeting, UIEA communicated with
City of Rotterdam Development Corporation, PMC and Sinova Group and they are looking forward to the corporation of future on both sides.

author:UIEA      Published at: 2009-5-11 16:25:37
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