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Four attention for journey to USA


Preparation: prepare the bath stuff by yourself. The American restaurants do not offer the slippers, pajamas, tooth brush, shampoo, bath foam usually. The cold tap water of the restaurants is able to be drunk directly, but not the hot one. The hot water is not available in the most American restaurants. So in this way , if you love drinking the hot tea, you can bring your own tea cup or borrow it form the restaurants.

Standing medicine: rberine, antibiotic medicine, woundplast, and the medicine usually used by yourself.

Tip: American service staff earns mostly depending on the tips. According to the local custom, tourist should pay the restaurant cleaners one dollar per day , the drivers 5 dollars per day, the porter 2 dollars once.

Jet lag: there are 15 hours later than Beijing time according to the American west coast summer time, and 12 hours later according to the east coast time. There are 18 hours later in Hawaii.

Safety:  please take care all the number of the tour guide and the units of the American accept union. The telephone cost is terribly high, so , in term of this, you are suggested to use the public phone or phone card.

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