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The notice of tour to Europe


Germany International Enterprise Association is an international business organization established in Berlin and sanctioned by the Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic of China. It has established the branch agency in Beijing officially by Oct,2007. In order to promote the permanent prosperity of German and even the whole European market in virtual of the developing economy with the high speed and the products with high quality and low price. On the demand of the relevant parties of European government and enterprises, our association will organize Chinese government and enterprises to go to Europe for the economy and trade observation.

The major observation projects :  China business city, automobile, education , medical treatment, architecture energy conservation, city layout and management.

The major acceptation department: the relevant government department in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hague ; relevant business association coordination organization.

Departure time : it is initially decided to set off every two months from Mar,2008

The observation route:  12 days in European 6 countries. Fees: 23,000RMB per people.

This notice is for signing up.

TEL: 010-85226037

Contact: Xiao xiao

Address:13Gervin Rd, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Tel: 609-4823298/609-6475076