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American company sells the second hand vehicles

KOUSA USA, INC is an American company specializing in the export and import business and general agency for some brands with the sub offices in Korea, Russia, Dubai, Mongolia, China(Beijing and Shenyang), Libya, Philippines.
Product: second hand vehicle
Product brand: Benz  BMW  Lexus 
Product model : the full car after 2000
Delivery capacity: seating; various alternative doors
Quantity: various alternative measuring unit
Product unit: beyond 10,000 dollars
Order: not less than 2
Shipment deadline: within 10 days since buyer pays
All of the cars owns the legal procedure
Company address: 3530 Wilshire BL, #1300              
Los Angeles,  CA 90010  USA
Business Information
Published at:2008-12-18 14:32:14
Address:13Gervin Rd, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Tel: 609-4823298/609-6475076