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    A Canadian company is prepared to buy Life Raft and seeking for the Manufacturers We are established in the Vancouver for 29 years in the Marine Industry ( We are looking for Life Raft Manufacturers from China. They must be the best and have all the required accreditations. We service and supply all the Major Cruise Lines, BC Ferries and other Deep Sea vessels and represent the most reputed brand of Life Raft in the world. Thus, our company a BRAND NAME. We wish to buy a few LIFE RAFTS from reputed, Chinese Manufacturers, but they will have to be branded under our company name, as no one here in Vancouver or North America has heard of a Chinese Life Raft. Further, we must have the permission to repair and service these Life Rafts in Vancouver.
Published at:2008-12-18 14:33:54
Address:13Gervin Rd, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Tel: 609-4823298/609-6475076